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‘The Last Of Us: Part II’ has broken records in the UK gaming charts

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Even after leaks and a low user score, The Last Of Us: Part II has broken records

The Last Of Us: Part II has reached the number one spot in the UK top ten, and is the best-selling physical release for a Sony game on the PlayStation 4.

Up until this point Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End held this title and was also developed by Naughty Dog. The difference between the two titles is only around 1%, but the figures don’t include digital sales, so the real number will no doubt be considerably higher.

This makes The Last Of Us: Part II the biggest physical release of the year, overtaking the previous highest which was Animal Crossing: New Horizons by a margin of 40%.

In the UK top ten chart for the weekend, the game sits comfortably in the top spot, with Ring Fit Adventure in second place, which has seen a spike in sales since COVID-19 has pushed more people to stay at home.

Additionally, the game has performed considerably better than its previous instalment on the PlayStation 3 with the launch figure being 76% higher than its predecessor.

The news of this comes after the games Metacritic received a large amount of low scores from fans and after spoilers of the game being leaked back in April. The sales seem to indicate that neither of these factors have changed the sales reception of the game and that players are eager to see the continuation of Joel and Ellie’s story.

Despite the low fan reception on Metacritic, critical reception is high with a score of 95 out of 100. In the NME review, The Last Of Us Part II was described as a “challenging, magnificent coda to one of gaming’s most beloved stories.”

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