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‘The Last Of Us Part II’ pre-orders haven’t been affected by leaks

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The demand has surpassed ‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’

Despite having major story spoilers leaked last month, The Last Of Us Part II is still maintaining strong pre-orders, according to Sony.

In an interview with CNET, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan stated that demand for The Last Of Us Part II remains strong. Markets such as Europe are apparently seeing a level of demand that surpasses Marvel’s Spider-Man, another PlayStation 4 exclusive which also boasted massive pre-order sales figures before its launch.

Last month, The Last Of Us Part II suffered massive leaks which spoiled several imporant plot moments. It came a few weeks after the game was delayed indefinitely due to COVID-19. Developer Naughty Dog took to Twitter to address the leaks at the time.

It was originally believed that the leaks came from a disgruntled employee, however, Sony has since come forward to assure fans this wasn’t the case and has identified the responsible party.

Since the leaks, Naughty Dog and members of the development team, such as vice president Neil Druckmann, have disabled tweets on their social media posts relating to the The Last Of Us Part II, to avoid any more spoilers being circulated through the community. The YouTube comments for the launch trailer have also been turned off.

Players eagerly anticipating the upcoming sequel were rewarded with over twenty minutes of new gameplay footage during a PlayStation State of Play presentation dedicated to The Last Of Us Part II. The footage showcased many new elements such as open-world traversal and new enemy types.

The Last Of Us Part 2 is set to release June 19 for PlayStation 4.

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