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‘The Last Of Us Part II’ to receive Grounded and permadeath modes

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Two new trophies confirm the upcoming mode updates

A new trophy update for Naughty Dog’s polarising The Last Of Us Part II has seemingly confirmed the upcoming arrival of two game modes: Permadeath and the return of Grounded.

Naughty Dog updated the PlayStation Trophies list for The Last Of Us Part 2 on Monday (August 10), revealing the two upcoming modes, which have yet to receive a release date. Check out the two trophies below.

The ‘You Can’t Stop This’ trophy will be awarded to players that complete the story on “any permadeath setting,” which suggests players can apply permadeath to multiple difficulty types. Permadeath – or permanent death – would give players just one life throughout the game, meaning they would have to restart the campaign from the beginning should they die.

On the other hand, players can earn the ‘Dig Two Graves’ trophy by completing the game on the Grounded difficulty mode. The hyper-difficult Grounded mode makes its return to the franchise after being introduced to the first game following its initial launch.

Activating the Grounded setting triples enemies’ damage, minimises checkpoints, eliminates the HUD, makes supplies very scarce, and removes Listen Mode, making it a challenge for even the most seasoned players.

In other The Last Of Us Part II news, Naughty Dog is allegedly still working on the franchise’s multiplayer, Factions, which will be released as a standalone title. Naughty Dog noted on Twitter in September last year that players will “eventually experience the fruits of our team’s online ambition, but not as part of The Last Of Us Part II.”

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