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‘The Last of Us’ prologue easter egg discovered after seven years

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The gruesome hidden video has recently come to light

An obscure easter egg has been found in the prologue for The Last of Us, over seven years after its release.

Hidden in the events of The Last of Us, an easter egg has been found that adds no direct lore but has spooked Twitter users who are only just finding out how to trigger it.

After jumping through various hoops, the player can find a highly detailed video of a cordyceps infected ant on the TV in Joel’s bedroom.

The method for unlocking this easter egg, and subsequently getting closer to 100 percent completion of The Last of Us, is complex. The player must first start from the very beginning, and complete all of the prologue up to the point where the news report shows on the TV.

There will then be an explosion from the window of Joel’s bedroom. After this, the player is required to walk to the bottom of the stairs. The player should then quit to the main menu and load the most recent autosave, walking straight up the stairs and back into the bedroom.

At this point, an ant with a brain-sucking parasite will be shown on the TV. It is unclear why the TV is broadcasting this image, or even why the easter egg is so extensively hidden. The Last of Us’ co-director Kurt Margenau tweeted that “As the one who scripted this sequence.. sounds like a bug tbh”.

It seems the ant was initially a shader test, which was left in after this specific set of instructions were followed.

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