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“The multiplayer in ‘Halo Infinite’ I think is going to be special,” says Xbox boss

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“The team is building on what they did with ‘Halo 5’”

Microsoft and 343 Industries have not revealed what Halo Infinite’s multiplayer will look like, but Xbox chief Phil Spencer is confident that it’s going to be “special” when it’s finally showcased.

In an interview with iJustine on YouTube, Spencer teased the game’s currently unseen multiplayer mode. “The multiplayer in Halo Infinite I think is going to be special when we talk about it,” he said.

“We know, for some many people, [Halo: Combat Evolved] started with us lugging our Xboxes around, plugging them in together and playing console multiplayer, for many of us, for the first time. So I’m excited for what we’ll get to see and what we’ll get to show.”

Check out the interview below.

Spencer went on to say that the esports community played a big factor in the way Halo Infinite’s multiplayer has been designed. “I think the team’s building on what they did with Halo 5, and the multiplayer in Halo 5 was received very well.”

“It’s cool to kinda see the team continue to iterate on things that the community loves, the esport players have been heavily involved in what we’re doing, cause we know that’s a strong part of the community, the professional players.”

He also alluded to the technical upgrades that are being made with multiplayer, even though he was not able to go into detail about that just yet. “There’s some kind of technical challenges the team has set for themselves on multiplayer that I’m really encouraged to be able to talk about, when we get there,” Spencer noted.

During the interview Spencer also teased that the next Xbox Series X showcase “should be [in] August.” However, the event has yet to be officially confirmed by the Xbox chief nor Microsoft.

In other Halo Infinite news, it was recently confirmed that the gameplay demo showcased during its reveal last week stemmed from a “work-in-progress” build, and fans can expect a more polished version of the game when it hits shelves later this year.

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