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The next ‘Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare’ operator is an Italian cowboy

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Morte is played by Italian musician and actor Fabio Rovazzi

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone are set to receive a new Operator character named Morte later today, September 8.

The operator will be portrayed and voiced by by Italian musician and actor Fabio Rovazzi. A chance meeting between games’ developers and Rovazzi at a sci-fi convention eventually led to the studio to create the character, according to IGN.

“Being a character in Call Of Duty has always been a secret and impossible dream of mine and there are no words to describe the excitement of the opportunity to give my voice and my appearance to an operator,” Rovazzi said. “I also love the character tribute to the Italian Western tradition. When I think that millions of players will be able to play with my character, I feel flattered and satisfied beyond imagination”.

Rovazzi has also released a video capturing the behind-the-scenes process of Morte’s development, from motion capture to voice acting. Check out the video below.

Morte – whose real name is Sergio Sullo – is an Italian mercenary who grep up with the dream of becoming a police officer, but instead found himself on the other side of the law. He was subsequently recruited by the Italian Special Forces, and is now with the Warcom faction.

The new operator is set to join the Modern Warfare and Warzone ranks on September 8 at 6:30pm BST / 1:30pm ET through his 2,400 CP Operator Bundle.

Yesterday, Infinity Ward released a new playlist update for Call Of Duty: Warzone that removed all vehicles from the game. The developer noted that the removal of vehicles is only temporary, but did not announce when they would return.

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