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The PS5 had the best console launch in US history

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The Nintendo Switch still sold more units

The PS5 broke the US sales record for most console sales in a launch month when it was released in November.

Despite a shortage of units which saw demand heavily outnumber supply, the PlayStation 5 was still able to eclipse the previous record. Sony already held the record, with the PS4 previously ranking as the fastest-selling console.

This report comes from NPD industry advisor Mat Piscatella, who shared the figures on his Twitter page. “PS5 achieved the highest launch month unit and dollar sales for a video game hardware platform in US history,” Piscatella said.

DualSense, the new controller for PS5, was similarly successful. Piscatella reported that it “achieved the highest launch month unit and dollar sales for a gamepad in US history.”

The Nintendo Switch had been the biggest selling console in the US for 23 months prior to the launch of the PS5. However, Piscatella confirmed “PS5 was November’s best-selling hardware platform in consumer spending, while Nintendo Switch led the market in units sold.”

That means that, while the PS5 made more money, more individual Nintendo Switches were sold across the month.

While the Xbox Series X/S sold fewer units than the PS5, they too had a successful launch for Microsoft. The Xbox Series X/S had Microsoft’s biggest ever global launch but fell short of both the PS4 and the PS5.

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