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The rating summary for ‘The Last Of Us Part II’ has been revealed

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The game has been rated M for Mature

It’s no secret that Naughty Dog‘s The Last Of Us Part II is being rated M for Mature, but a new rating summary from the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) describing the type of content players can expect has now been revealed.

The ESRB rating summary does not include any major plot points. Instead, it details the gameplay mechanics and the violence that players have come to expect from the game’s trailers and gameplay footage.

It describes how players will kill “infected mutants” during sequences of “frenetic combat”. There will also be depictions of extreme violence, including a human who is hung from a noose and then disemboweled (showcased in previous gameplay footage).

The summary also reveals parts of the stealth gameplay. “Some sequences enable players to use stealth attacks against enemies—approaching from behind, slitting their throats. Players can also use explosives to set enemies on fire or blow enemies apart into limbs/bloody chunks of flesh,” it reads.

Other details include descriptions of some enemies, as well as a scene where two unspecified characters smoke weed: “Some zombie creatures are depicted with exposed breasts and genitalia. One sequence depicts two characters smoking a marijuana joint in a room full of marijuana plants.”

Read the full ESRB summary for The Last Of Us Part II here.

Sony previously announced The Official Last Of Us Podcast. The limited series will run for eight weeks and will offer players a deep dive into the game’s story, development and more.

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