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The Xbox Series X|S was Microsoft’s most successful UK launch

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The sales figures beat the Xbox One’s by 5,000

The Xbox Series X|S was responsible for Microsoft’s best-ever launch in the UK, selling around 155,000 consoles in its first two days of sales.

Those sales figures narrowly edge out the Xbox One’s two-day opening sales in 2013, which hit 150,000. This is according to VGC, which spoke to several unnamed publishers. After the US, the UK is Microsoft’s biggest console market, and success in the country is a good sign for the next-gen console’s future.

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This new generation also marks the first time Microsoft has launched two Xbox consoles simultaneously; the Xbox Series X is the more powerful console, and the Xbox Series S is a lower-end, digital-only option. The Xbox Series S is responsible for around a third of the 155,000 units shipped.

With many retailers selling out their stock completely, these sales numbers likely would have been even higher if there were enough consoles to meet demand. As it stands, the Xbox Series X|S is the UK’s third-biggest console launch sales ever, with rival Sony taking the top two spots.

Sony’s opening two-day sales for the PS4 currently top the UK sales record, shifting a quarter of a million units. The PlayStation Portable, meanwhile, is in second place, with 185,000 sales.

Xbox head Phil Spencer had earlier confirmed that the X|S consoles were responsible for Xbox’s most successful global launch ever, but had refused to confirm any official sales figures.

Meanwhile, the PlayStation 5 is getting a staggered launch, with the console already released in the US, Japan and other territories on November 12, but not coming to Europe until November 19.

Following the huge sales, several UK internet providers have reported record-breaking usage, attributed to new Xbox players downloading the latest Call Of Duty update.

The high volume of new users, however, led to Xbox Live going down on launch day, while some players have also reported receiving Xbox Series X consoles with faulty disc drives.

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