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There will be an ‘Overwatch 2’ update at BlizzConline next year

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A new free-for-all map for ‘Overwatch’ is also being added in “early 2021”

Blizzard Entertainment has announced that players can expect an Overwatch 2 update during next year’s BlizzConline event.

Game director Jeff Kaplan shared the news through a new developer update video, where he touched on the ongoing development of Overwatch 2 and highlighted new additions to Overwatch.

“We know it’s been too long,” Kaplan acknowledged. “We know we’ve been quiet. We still have a ways to go – just to manage expectations – but we’re working extremely hard. We want this game to be great for you, both the live game and the upcoming sequel.”

Watch the developer update below.

He also announced the Kanezaka map, a new free-for-all deathmatch area for Overwatch. The map is being targetted for an “early 2021” release, and will be out by “maybe mid-January at the latest”.

The Kanezaka map was initially designed by a new level designer named Morton for Overwatch 2, but the team liked the map so much that they decided to bring it to full production, and will be adding it to the original Overwatch instead.

The map is set in Japan and includes a seedy nightclub, as well as a cat cafe – which includes nearly all of the Overwatch development team’s real-life cats. The Kanezaka map is being now tested in the game’s public test region (PTR) according to the official Overwatch Twitter account.

Check out a preview of the map below.

The latest patch notes for Overwatch PTR includes a description for the Kanezaka map that reads: “Fight for your life in a thrilling battlefield of alleyways, ancient stone, towering steel, and cat cafes. Shatter your enemy’s dreams in the pottery shop, deliver beatdowns in the Tora no Sumika nightclub, or rise above the competition in the tower at the center of the city.”

In other Blizzard Entertainment news, the developer confirmed yesterday (December 16) that it will showcase Diablo IV during BlizzConline in February. The update is expected to reveal a new class.

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