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This week’s State Of Play to feature new ‘The Last Of Us Part II’ gameplay

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Again, no PS5 news will be announced

Sony has revealed that its next State Of Play stream will be all about its highly anticipated upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive title, The Last Of Us Part II.

Announced via the official PlayStation blog, it was revealed that the next State Of Play episode will stream on YouTube and Twitch tomorrow (May 27). The stream, like the last episode which focused on Ghost Of Tsushima, will not feature any news surrounding the upcoming PS5 console.

Instead, gamers will get a deeper look into the gameplay of Naughty Dog’s The Last Of Us Part II, with its current cut clocking in at “a little more than 20 minutes, ending with an extended sequence showing off about eight minutes of never-before-seen gameplay”, according to Sid Shuman, the senior director of Sony Interactive Entertainment Content Communications.

This will be Sony’s second State Of Play broadcast for the month of May, coming just two weeks after its gameplay showcase for Sucker Punch’s Ghost Of Tsushima. The 18-minute clip showcased a handful of new details surrounding Ghost Of Tsushima, such as exploration, combat, character customisation and photo mode.

As hype for The Last Of Us Part II builds, Sony has unveiled an in-depth behind-the-scenes series for the game. The four part weekly Inside series tackles different aspects of the game leading up to its launch in June, from its gameplay mechanics, to its world building. The first two episodes are now available. The third episode will also be released this tomorrow.

The Last Of Us Part II is set to launch on June 19, exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

Sony has also revealed a special PS4 Pro bundle designed after The Last Of Us Part II, but it’s only available in America and Canada. The bundle comes with PS4 Pro console engraved with Ellie’s tattoo design in a fully customised matte finish, a specially designed DualShock 4 Wireless Controller to match, a physical copy of the game, as well as a code to redeem digital content such as PS4 dynamic themes, avatars and more.

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