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THQ Nordic releases new gameplay footage for ‘Biomutant’

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The lengthy demo shows exploration, combat and customisation

A gameplay trailer for THQ Nordic‘s Biomutant has been released, giving players a new look at the game in action.

In Biomutant players create their own mutant to control and customise through extensive RPG options. The game is home to many mutated animals and the new trailer gives players a sense to the scope of the world.

There are many ways to navigate the land with an airship being shown for aerial traversal, alongside the ability to roam on-foot to explore, climb mountains and utilise ziplines.

The varied enemy types display numerous types of combat options players will be able to manage. Melee, ranged and even under water combat are shown across a set of unique monster designs that players will have to overcome.

Weapon designs also show signs of creativity with elaborate creations such as an ‘Ancient Hilt Toothbrush’ for players to craft and upgrade. One segment of the footage shows the character riding a robotic hand which also doubles up as a weapon to cause damage to enemies.

Check out the new gameplay footage below:

In a developer interview with IGN, the games creative director, Stefan Ljungqvist, delved further into some of the elements players will experience in Biomutant. Character classes are available and the avatar can be customised in a variety of options. A karma system will also be present in the game which will effect how other characters in the world respond to the player.

THQ Nordic also recently announced Kingdoms Of Amalur: Re-Reckoning, a remake of the game which is set to release later this year.

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