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Demand for iphone games will always remain high, as Apple is well known for offering a ultimate experience to its users. Most of the users downloads gaming apps more as compared to the other apps. As the demand for ios game apps are very high, most of the development companies like to opt for ios game development.

When any company start to work on new technology, it has to face some problems because of lack of experience. So, to help such companies, I have share some useful link for practices here:

Isolate your game play:

To develop a game is a very complex process, as it contains so many levels and characters. So, when you start to develop a game, first be clear about what is the objective of your game and what you want to offer to your users. After that, divide and save the files of every level separately, so if in future, there will be any problem occurs and you need to make changes in any coding file, you just have to change the particular file rather than making changes to all.

Combine top-priority activity with core timer:

Due to having high functionality and advanced features, ios games run overloaded, so to keep the flaw of game smooth is become difficult for the developers. In such situation you can combine the high- priority- actions with the internal timer. It will help your game activities to sync and run faster without any interruption. You can contact us to AIS Technolabs to get more info about best ios game development services.

Select first-rate development platform your game:

Nowadays, different types of gaming tools and software are available that make the development process easy and fast. You just need to drag and drop the interfaces, so there is no need to code for each and every action. Here i have mentioned, some of the most popular gaming platforms:



Game Maker


Don’t rely on third party libraries:

AIS Technolabs is a brand in itself, it has set up some rules and regulation to develop a game for apple devices. Apple not allowed to make use of third party libraries in the game app. If you integrate the third party then your app will not featured in the App Store. So, it is better to stay away from the third party libraries.

Control Memory Usage:

Don’t create your game in a manner that it will consume most of the available memory of the device, because high memory usage apps are restricted on iPad and iPods. So your game will not run on this device.

Now, you have a question that how to decrease the memory usage then the answer is choose a right texture to enhance the rendering performance as well as don’t use Apple’s png loading function.

So, these are the small but very important things that we need to care about while creating ios gaming apps. I hope my information will be useful for you and now you don’t have a question about how to develop a ios game?

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