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‘Total War: Warhammer 3’ sets 2021 release date

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The final instalment will give players the chance to play as one of the four ruinous powers

Creative Assembly have released a trailer for the latest game in their Total Warhammer series, which is planned for release later this year.

Total War: Warhammer III will mark the final game in the series, has been running since its original release in 2016.

The grand strategy game focuses on battles between the various factions from Game’s Workshop Warhammer Fantasy setting. The final instalment will give players the chance to play as one of the four ruinous powers: “Nurgle, the plague god; Slaanesh, the lord of excess; Tzeentch, the changer of ways; and Khorne, the god of blood and slaughter.”

Alongside these four daemonic races, there will also be the chance to play as the icy kingdom of Kislev, as well as the empire of Grand Cathay, which has never been represented in the tabletop version of the game.

The announcement trailer covering the various daemons and Kislev is available below:

No release date has been confirmed yet, but Steam lists a planned release rate of late 2021. The game will also be available for users of the Epic Game Store.

An interview with game director Ian Roxbourgh by PC Gamer has confirmed that the factions of Kislev and Cathay were worked on closely with IP creators Games Workshop, with Roxbourgh saying: “Their design team led the way in defining what Cathay would look like as a fully-fledged faction, and we’ve fed that design through the Total War lens.”

Total War: Warhammer II received attention last year when it added a character named after Henry Cavill in its Warden and the Paunch DLC campaign.

The actor’s likeness appears as a Loremaster of Hoeth unit with the same name that can be found in game. The playable character has a “white wolf” trait that referenced his role as Geralt in The Witcher TV series.

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