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Twitch streamers are getting DMCA strikes for in-game sound effects

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Apparently clock chimes, police sirens and wind noise all count as DMCA violations

Multiple Twitch streamers have reported being banned or receiving DMCA strikes over in-game sound effects.

Twitch users have recently taken to social media to reveal that content had been muted, deleted or even had their accounts banned entirely for in-game sound effects. It’s the latest in a wave of DMCA-related bans and strikes to take place on the popular platform.

The sounds effects that have reportedly violated DMCA regulations include grandfather clock chimes from Emily Wants To Play, gusts of wind in World Of Warcraft, police sirens in Persona 5, and bird and insect noises in Hitman: Blood Money.

Check out a number of tweets below.

Twitch has since put out a new statement regarding in-game sound effects, apologizing for making an “upsetting situation even worse”. It added: “Answers to questions on such a complicated topic deserve more complete responses […] We’re gathering all your questions and appreciate you continuing to reach out.”

Read the full statement below:

The latest ban wave comes less than a week after Twitch issued an apology to users for the ongoing situation, its poor communication with streamers and handling of the matter. While the statement did state that in-game soundtracks could violate DMCA regulations, nothing was said of in-game sound effects.

In its original apology, Twitch had encouraged streamers to delete any copyrighted material from their archives and noted that several tools are being worked on to prevent such troubles in the future. However, the company did not explain what constitutes a DMCA violation or the penalties they carry.

Popular streamers who have been affected by the ban waves include major Fortnite and Minecraft streamer, FaZe Clan’s John “Cizzorz” Cizek, was banned from Twitch with no apparent warning early last week.

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