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Ubisoft addresses cheating in ‘Hyper Scape’, announces player reporting system

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“This topic is treated with the highest priority on the team”

Ubisoft has addressed cheating in its new battle royale game, Hyper Scape, which is currently in open beta.

In the statement, posted published on the Hyper Scape website, the company directly addresses community feedback regarding an increased number of cheaters and hackers, as well as the steps it is taking to stem the issue.

“We want to state firmly that action on this topic is treated with the highest priority on the team, and we fully understand the large disruptive impact upon our players when they come into contact with cheaters in game,” Ubisoft wrote.

Ubisoft also spoke on the game’s BattlEye anti-cheat system, which “kicks in as soon as a player enters matchmaking.” It noted that “BattlEye has detected and banned over 10,000 accounts from the game for using cheats. This includes Hardware ID bans in addition to permanent account bans.”

The company also stated that bans are not implemented immediately, to allow the BattlEye team to identify and obfuscate the offence. “In the case we come across cheaters who are not detected and auto-banned, their cases will be immediately escalated and passed on to BattlEye to pick it apart and update their detection tools to catch these new methods.”

A new player reporting system will also be introduced into the game soon, which will allow players to report cheaters and hackers that have not been picked up by the BattlEye system. The new function will arrive when Season 1 launches. A release date has not been announced, but is expected to arrive soon.

“We urge you to share information on these providers when you find them, and if you have clear evidence of a player cheating, please contact us with the evidence and their username,” says Ubisoft. It also urges players to follow its Contender’s Code, which serves as a set of community guidelines.

Ubisoft’s Hyper Scape is currently available on PC. Xbox One and PS4 versions are currently in the works.

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