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Ubisoft addresses issue of PS5 players being unable to upgrade games

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Players have been forced to play the PS4 version of their games

Ubisoft has addressed the issue of certain PS5 owners being unable to upgrade from a PS4 version of a game to the next-gen counterpart.

Since the PS5’s release, numerous PS5 users (specifically in the UK) have been unable to obtain the free next-gen upgrade for Ubisoft titles, including Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla and Watch Dogs: Legion. With the UK release of the console being November 19, the issue has gone unresolved for almost two weeks.

As discovered by Eurogamer, one potential workaround has been to create a second account set to Turkey and download the upgrade through there.

Ubisoft has since released a statement on Twitter, declaring that it is “aware players in the UK are experiencing issues upgrading physical versions of some Ubisoft games”. It added that it is “working to resolve this”, and also confirmed that “anyone experiencing this issue will still be eligible for their free upgrade”.

Read the full statement below:

As some users have pointed out in the comments below Ubisoft’s statement, the issue is not strictly tied to the UK. One PS5 owner in France told Ubisoft that they have the same issue, while another has reported the problem from South Africa.

The company’s launch titles for the next-gen systems have received a rocky release. Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla has been proven to run better on the PS5 opposed to the Xbox Series X – which it was heavily marketed on. The game is also prone to screen tearing on the Xbox versions, which the company are working to improve.

Additionally, Watch Dogs: Legion has had its multiplayer expansion delayed to allow more time to fix any issues. One major problem currently operating within the game involves a save data fix, in which players are unable to save their game. The issue currently affects PC and Xbox Series X players.

Ubisoft also has some new releases heading to systems later this week. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege next-gen update arrived today (December 1), while Immortals: Fenyx Rising launches for PC and consoles on December 3.

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