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Ubisoft is no longer providing physical discs with Xbox collector’s editions

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PlayStation versions will remain unaffected

Anyone who purchases an Xbox collector’s edition for a Ubisoft title will no longer receive a physical disc, the company has announced.

In a recent update on Ubisoft’s UK support page, Xbox owners will now receive a digital code for upcoming collector’s editions of the company’s titles. PlayStation users will still be eligible for physical copies.

The change affects the company’s already announced games, including Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, Watch Dogs: Legion and Far Cry 6. All remaining items included in the collector’s editions will arrive as usual.

Currently all three versions are available exclusively through the Ubisoft store, each coming with a collector’s statue and an assortment of other extras such as soundtracks, keyrings and artbooks. It’s unclear why the changes are only applicable to Xbox versions or if the new rule will be implemented in territories outside of the UK.

Ubisoft recently changed the special editions of Watch Dogs: Legion, removing the ability for players to gain access to the game three days early if they purchased the upgraded version. Up until this point, the company had offered the incentive with many of its titles, such as Far Cry 5, as a pulling factor to get more people interested.

While some companies are increasing the price of next-gen games, Ubisoft has stated that it will not be making its titles more expensive and said it “plan[s] to come with the same price as the previous generation of consoles.”

The company’s next set of plans are expected to be unveiled next month (September) as a presentation has been confirmed to be airing.

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