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Ubisoft releases ‘Hyper Scape’ Season 1 patch notes ahead of launch

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The patch makes balance changes to certain weapons and Hacks

Ubisoft has released the complete list of patch notes for Hyper Scape Season 1 ahead of its launch later today (August 11). The extensive update comes with health regeneration changes, and balance modifications to a handful of weapons and Hacks.

Ubisoft took to Reddit to announce the patch notes, with the most noticeable changes comprising multiple balance tweaks to weapons and Hacks designed to make combat snappier.

For the most part, weapons will be stronger, Hacks will recharge faster and health regeneration will activate in half the time, dropping from 10 seconds to five. The Protocol V sniper rifle will once again be a one-shot kill weapon, as well.

“Although we find having a slightly faster [time to kill] can be a good thing, we agree it should come more from balancing the Weapons rather than nerfing the Hacks,” Ubisoft wrote in the patch notes.

It continued: “Overall, the v0.5 nerf on Hacks was too severe. Like many of you told us, we also firmly believe the unique pacing and gameplay provided by the Hacks is essential to Hyper Scape, and we do not intend to drift away from that.”

As such, Hacks like Ball, Slam, Teleport, Reveal, Invisibility, Mine, Invincibility and Shockwave will all be getting shorter cool down times. Shockwave and Mine will also get buffs to the damage they deal.

Players will also be able to access a new semi-automatic rifle called the Dragonfly, a new Hack called Magnet, and a new “Lethal Melee” event that can be selected by livestream viewers through the game’s built-in Twitch support.

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