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Ubisoft+ rumoured to be heading to Xbox Game Pass

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It “has a strong chance of being true”

Ubisoft+ might be the latest subscription service to be absorbed in Microsoft’s Game Pass, according to Windows Central editor Jez Corden.

The rumour had been muted by a few insiders since early December, but has not been confirmed or even commented on by anybody from Microsoft themselves. But now Corden, commenting on the rumour Ubisoft’s service will align with Game Pass in late 2021, says it “has a strong chance of being true based on stuff [they’d] heard”.

Ubisoft’s subscription service is called Ubisoft+, and is similar to Game Pass in that it offers players access to a library of downloadable games in exchange for a subscription fee. EA runs a similar service, EA Play, and this was also recently added to Game Pass.

Both Ubisoft+ and EA Play only give access to games developed or published directly by Ubisoft or EA, and don’t typically add the biggest releases until months after release.

Game Pass on the other hand offers first party Microsoft games alongside many third party titles too, giving it a much bigger library even without EA Play games. Game Pass also frequently includes games on the day of release too.

Meanwhile, EA Play’s rollout for Game Pass on PC was supposed to arrive in December, but has instead been delayed for early this year. December was more successful for the console version of Game Pass, with close to 20 big titles being added to the service.

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