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Ubisoft will overhaul ‘Hyper Scape’ to “meet the high expectations”

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“We didn’t fully meet the high expectations of our players”

Ubisoft’s recently took a stab at the battle royale genre with Hyper Scape, and it’s been revealed that the game is going to be overhauled to “meet the high expectations” of the company.

In a new statement, the company stated that it was “thrilled with the response” from players so far, but also admitted it was not able “to achieve the high expectations” it set itself. As a result, the development team has been restructured, and five pillars of areas the developer wants to address have been set out in order to “build the future of Hyper Scape on”.

The first is to make combat more comfortable. Currently, the team has realised that “it is too hard to aim, track and consistently damage players and eliminate them, especially on consoles”, and aims to rectify this.

Onboarding for new players will also be redone. In order to ensure new players are able to comprehend Hyper Scape’s fast-paced nature, additional training activities will be made available to ensure they are skilled enough for the game.

The developer also wants to create more modes to fit a larger ranger of players as the game’s current core mode, Crown Rush, is “quite unforgiving”. To remedy this, a respawn systems will be incorporated into the game as well as deathmatch, alongside the possible addition of future limited-time modes in the future

The final two points look at extending the game’s longevity and buildint up the community. A new player ranking system will be introduced in Season 2, and the team has said it will also consider adding “more progression systems and match-to-match flow improvements”. To help bolster the community and amount of players in matches, cross-play will also be introduced earlier than intended.

There’s no time frame on when the changes will be coming, but more updates are promised throughout season two and the team has promised to communicate often.

Hyper Scape is available to download now for free on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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