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UK retailer CeX caught reselling next-gen consoles at extortionate prices

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Consoles are selling for at least £200 more than their recommended retail price

UK retailer CeX has been spotted selling next-gen systems at extortionate prices.

With the PS5 and both Xbox Series consoles in the wild, various scalpers have been attempting to hoard numerous units to sell them off at an increasingly higher rate. CeX’s website suggests a similar practice with multiple next-gen systems selling massively more than the recommended retail price.

CeX, who are most notably known in the UK for buying and selling, currently have prices for both services above the asking price. The only notable exception are the Xbox Series S and the PS5 Digital Edition.

Disk based versions of consoles appear to be high in demand, with the PS5 taking the lead. The system currently has a “WeBuy” for price of £600GBP, with the intention of selling the console again at £750. Unboxed versions are offering £10 less in both services.

The Xbox Series X is at a slightly lower price with a “WeBuy” price of £550, to resell at £690. Those who have or want an unboxed version will find it to be £5 cheaper.

Scalping has been a huge problem since console orders went online. When initial pre-orders went live, many were unable to checkout with systems, as scalpers were quick to soak up a lot of the allocation. Sellers on eBay have been spotted selling both consoles upwards of $5,000US.

With lack of stock across the UK at the moment, it’s reported that new waves of the systems will be arriving over the next few weeks.

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