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‘Uncharted’ movie starring Tom Holland enters production

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The actor posted a shot of his cast chair on Instagram

It has been a long road, but steam behind the beloved game franchise Uncharted’s debut feature-length film is finally picking up, as Sony and lead actor Tom Holland have confirmed that the movie has entered production.

The news first broke when Holland, who will play a young Nathan Drake in the Uncharted movie, posted a picture of his cast chair on Instagram, with a caption that reads: “Day one”, sending fans into a frenzy.

Since then, Sony Pictures Entertainment has confirmed in an email to IGN that preparations for the film have indeed begun, but filming has not. Sony said that it is “hoping to start soon.”

The movie has been plagued with countless delays and cast and crew changes over the course of the last decade, with six directors stepping up – and then bowing out – of the role, with the most recent being Bumblebee director Travis Knight, who left in December 2019 due to scheduling conflicts.

Ruben Fleischer – best known for his work on Zombieland and Venom – is currently tasked with directing the movie, while Mark Wahlberg is set to portray Nathan Drake’s mentor, Victor Sullivan. Antonio Banderas has reportedly been cast in an unknown role.

It is also currently unclear what the plot of the movie would be; if it draw elements from the first game, or forge its own path. Holland has claimed however, that the film’s script ranks among the best he’s ever read.

The entire Uncharted saga is currently available on PS4.

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