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Undead Labs announces zombie survival game ‘State Of Decay 3’

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Zombified animals are entering the fray

Developer Undead Labs has officially announced State Of Decay 3 for Xbox Series X and PC.

The game was unveiled during Microsoft’s Xbox Series X games showcase with an announcement trailer. The title is in the early stages of development so no in-game footage was showcased. The clip, however, reveals a new aspect of gameplay that players should prepare for: zombified animals.

Check out the trailer below.

The trailer starts out with a lone woman out in the wintery wilderness. A wolf stalks her in the night, but she manages to scare it away. As she explores the desolate forest in the daytime she comes across a wolf corpse being eaten by a zombie deer. The trailer ends with the zombie deer’s menacing screech.

The game isn’t just about fending off hordes of zombies, though. Much like past entries in the franchise, State Of Decay 3 will focus on players managing the entire zombie apocalypse experience, from resources to fellow survivors and settlements.

State Of Decay 2 was released in 2018 on Xbox One and PC. The game has since received a Daybreak DLC and and Heartland expansion pack.

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