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Unused ‘DuckTales’ song unveiled in NES prototype

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The track was discovered inside a development build

A previously unheard song composed for the DuckTales soundtrack on the NES has been discovered inside a development build prototype.

According to The Cutting Room Floor, the early build is from February 5, 1989 – seven months prior to the game’s release.

DuckTales fans will notice some of the final build’s items are missing from the video, such as HP refills and level names, but the biggest difference is the stage select music. The screen replaces the well-known DuckTales game theme with an entirely different take.

TCRF catalogues some of the other key differences, such as on the map screen where they illustrate that “Scrooge’s nephews, the platforms they stand on, the arrow on the map view, and the preview of the level’s treasures haven’t been implemented yet.

“Levels can be re-entered repeatedly after clearing them. Clearing all five levels does not yet trigger the message from Glomgold or take you to the final stage.”

The post also collates information from the February build with that of the later May build and the final edition. Fans can assess the edits made to the dialogue in detail, and listen to changes in musical style throughout the production process.

Recently, a YouTube video featuring the fully playable yet cancelled GoldenEye 007 for N64 remaster surfaced, showing how close the game was to the final stages of development. The video shows a full playthrough of the game along with 30 minutes of multiplayer footage running at 4K/60 FPS on the Xenia Emulator.

Whilst the XBLA version of the game was never released, a Wii remake titled GoldenEye 007 was released in 2010.

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