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Unused ‘Mandalorian’ cosmetic discovered in ‘Fortnite’

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The pickaxe is based on the Amban sniper rifle

A Twitter user has discovered an unused cosmetic item for The Mandalorian in Epic Games‘ Fortnite.

Chapter 2 Season 5 of Fortnite has focused on a crossover with Disney’s The Mandalorian, as the battle pass gave everyone access to the titular Bounty Hunter’s Beskar Steel armour.

Players also had a chance to earn a Mandalorian-themed spray, banner icon, wallpaper, Razor Crest Glider and an in-game pet based on The Child.

There was even a chance to take on the bounty hunter himself for a chance to use his Amban sniper rifle and Jetpack.

One player has now discovered that there are unused cosmetics in the game associated with the character.

Twitter user TwitchTilted shared a video clip of a Mandalorian-themed pickaxe based on the aforementioned Amban sniper rifle. The video clip is below:

Users on Reddit have speculated that this is not going to be an upcoming cosmetic release, but rather that it is the pickaxe that the NPC Mandalorian character can use in-game.

Other Reddit users have suggested that if a cosmetic pickaxe does arrive for the crossover, it is more likely to be a Beskar Spear or the Darkblade – in keeping with the weapons used by the character in the show.

Fortnite skins and cosmetics are frequently big news. Recently, over two million people joined David “TheGrefg “Martínez on Twitch as he unveiled his new Icon Skin.

Martínez broke all previous concurrent viewer records with the stream, as he joined the seven other people with Icon skins available.

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