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Upcoming ‘Hearthstone’ event introduces pirates and four new heroes

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With a new solo adventure soon to follow

Blizzard Entertainment has unveiled the Felfire Festival, the latest seasonal event headed to its digital CCG Hearthstone.

The Felfire Festival kicks off tomorrow (June 9), alongside the release of patch 17.4, and will introduce new 17 Pirate minion cards and three swashbuckling heroes. It also brings back Patches The Pirate, who has received a refreshed power called Pirate Parrrrty! The four new and returning heroes will be available first to players subscribed to Tavern Pass, before receiving a wider release on June 23.

The update also switches up Battlegrounds mode with Shifting Minion Pools, which makes five of the six different minions types available for recruiting for that game. Blizzard also notes that “the active minion types will be displayed while you’re selecting a Hero”, and added that Pirates minions will “always be available in the minion pool until they join the rest of the shifting minion pool in a future update”.

Check out the trailer for the Felfire Festival here.

A free five-chapter solo adventure, titled the Trail By Felfire, will be available from June 17 onwards. The story follows Aranna Starseeker, a hero in the Druid class, as she joins the Demon Hunter Illidan Stormrage to take on the Warlock Mecha-Jaraxxus.

The Felfire Festival event is part of Hearthstone’s latest expansion, ‘Ashes Of Outland’, which was released this April. The update added 125 new collectable cards to the game, as well as the Demon Hunter class.

In other digital CCG news, CD Projekt RED recently unveiled Master Mirror, an upcoming expansion for Gwent, based on The Witcher universe.

Valve’s reboot of its digital CCG Artifact, which features characters from Dota 2, entered closed beta last month. The company warned that there will be “bugs, temp art, and data may be reset early in the beta”, but added that “there is no harm in signing up early”.

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