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‘Valorant’ agent Killjoy disabled due to game-breaking bug

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“Believe it or not, this update was not intended”

Riot Games has temporarily disabled Valorant players from using the agent Killjoy due to a game-breaking bug.

The bug in question allows players to place the agent’s Turret ability underground on the map Haven. This renders the turret, which usually has only 125 health, basically invulnerable to any enemy damage. The Killjoy who deploys the ability can also use the machine to gather enemy location information, based on the direction the turret shoots.

Moreover, because the ability can’t be shot down due to the bug, players can take over an entire bomb site due to the constant damage it would do to the enemy team should they come into its zone of attack.

Riot Games has since acknowledged the bug on the Valorant Twitter account, noting that the agent is being disabled until the issue is fixed. “You might have heard about Killjoy’s newest ability – placing turrets under the map. Believe it or not, this update was not intended,” it said. “We’ll be disabling Killjoy until we can patch this exploit.”

Check out the tweet below.

The Killjoy bug is the latest game-breaking error to hit the tactical shooter. Back in October, Riot Games was forced to roll back Patch 1.11 after a series of technical issues. The update, which was supposed to add the new agent Skye, caused errors with a number of abilities, map exploits, balance issues and more.

Sky was reintroduced into the game in early November, after Riot Games readied a “stable” version of Patch 1.11. The next Valorant update, patch 1.13, is scheduled to be released on December 8.

In October, Riot Games doubled down on the steep costs of Valorant skins, with the game’s premium content art lead, Sean Marino, claiming that skin sets are “not meant to be ‘cheap’”.

“Part of what we take a look at for all our skins, and this is sort of a Riot-wide approach, is that we want there to feel like there’s a level of effort and care put into skins, or any cosmetic content that people engage with, that makes it feel worthwhile,” he added. “We don’t want anything to feel throwaway.”

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