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‘Valorant’ anti-cheating measures are outlined in new update

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“Cheaters, sadly, will always exist, but cheaters never prosper”

Riot Games have made a blog post explaining the lengths they are going to in order to combat cheaters in Valorant, as well as those that endorse cheaters by queueing with them.

Matt Paoletti who works with Valorant ‘s anti-cheat team penned an update blog on the anti-cheat measures that are being introduced in Episode 2 of the competitive shooter.

Amongst the upcoming anti-cheat solutions, Palolettie has said that they are working on the following solutions:

“Cheat bussing” as it is known is discipling players who queue with cheaters in order to have their accounts boosters. Paolettie took to Twitter to explain that they intend to be as precise as they can with these actions.

Paoletti explains that they want an “esports ready experience” for their tournament series First Strike, with an aim of making online play as close to LAN (local) play as possible.

The blog continued to explain that cheaters in regular competetive play were thought of as detrimental to the experience they have envisioned for the game. Paoletti said “Our biggest priority with Episode 2 is to make sure that the grind to the top is valiant, fair, and legitimate.”

Riot continue to show how seriously they are taking the effects cheats in the game have on others, by implementing measures such as “re-calibrating your rating after it may have been impacted by illegitimate players.”

Recently Riot implemented patch 2.01 which included a massive rework for the game’s most unbalanced map, Split, which had the lowest win-rate for attacking players teams.

In addition, the patch also introduced a minor nerf to the agent Jett. The duration of her Cloudburst smoke ability has been almost halved, from 7 to 4.5 seconds. T

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