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‘Valorant’ devs to relaunch new agent Skye later today

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Patch 1.12 is still set to launch next week

Riot Games has revealed that the latest Valorant agent, Skye, will be reintroduced into the game later today (November 2).

Skye, the game’s 13th overall agent, was first added into Valorant alongside the launch of patch 1.11 on October 27. However, the update and character was quickly rolled back by developers on the same day after a slew of performance issues, which the company called a “technical nightmare”.

Riot Games has since announced on Twitter that it has a “stable” version of the patch ready for launch, and will start rolling it out from 8am PT/4pm BST. The patch will first launch in the Americas, before being released for Korea/Japan/Oceania/Southeast Asia and finally Europe/Turkey/MENA/CIS regions thereafter.

Skye will be available immediately after the patch is applied, while the upcoming Reaver skin set to launch the day after (November 3). The developer also noted that the schedule for its patches has not been disrupted by the rollback, with patch 1.12 still set to launch next week (November 10).

Check out Riot’s tweets below.

Patch 1.11 was also supposed to introduce the new map Icebox into competitive mode. The update also featured a number of nerfs and buffs for Initiator and Sentinel agents, in conjunction with the First Strike Qualifiers. It’s currently unknown if the upcoming re-release of the patch will feature the same

Riot Games previously doubled down on the steep costs of Valorant skins, which are known for their expensive price tags. According to the game’s premium content art lead, Sean Marino, skin sets are “not meant to be ‘cheap’”.

“We don’t want players to look at something and say, ‘This feels cheap to me’,” he said. “Part of what we take a look at for all our skins, and this is sort of a Riot-wide approach, is that we want there to feel like there’s a level of effort and care put into skins, or any cosmetic content that people engage with, that makes it feel worthwhile.”

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