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‘Valorant’ introduces constantly updated online leaderboards

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“Track the climb from anywhere”

Riot Games competitive FPS Valorant now has real-time online leaderboards, taking over from monthly updates via Twitter.

The official Valorant Twitter account shared the regional leaderboards, which will allow players to track the top 500 players from their region via browser.

The competitive game’s second act is only a day old at the time of writing, so the leaderboards are made up of players who only have a handful of wins, with Jordan “nosyy” Van De Voort currently in the number one spot.

These leaderboards have been a long requested feature for Valorant, since its release in June 2020. The leaderboard is also available via the Riot Games API, meaning it should find its way into apps, streams and other content.

Act 1 of Episode 2 saw the reveal of a brand new agent in the form of Yoru, an Infiltration Duellist with a focus on stealthy skills, replete with a kit that lets him easily mislead and confuse his opponents.

Valorant is also getting a whole complement of changes to its competitive rank system, with the previous ranked arrows system being replaced by a more transparent Ranked Ratings (RR) system.

The game’s producer Ian “Brighteyz” Fielding commented on the updates during a Twitch livestream, stating “It’s really important to us that the ranked system is more clear, [that] you know where you stand in your rank at any time. We know the arrows are a bit of an enigma right now.”

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