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‘Valorant’ ranked mode is finally live across all regions

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Check out the new rank iconography and badges

Riot Games has officially rolled out ranked mode for Valorant across all regions.

The long-awaited release of the mode was announced on the official Valorant Twitter account. Riot staggered the release of ranked mode in different regions during off-peak times to maintain the game’s stability.

Check out the tweet and release times below.

Along with the return of ranked mode include updated rank iconography and badges, as well as a new name for the game’s top rank, which has been changed from Valorant to Radiant. Riot has also made tweaks to ranked matchmaking, with an “expanded skill disparity range for playing with friends in rank placements”.

Ranked mode was supposed to arrive yesterday, alongside patch 1.02. However, a game-breaking bug, which caused players to “every once in a while spawn in the opposing team’s spawn point”, had prevented its release.

Patch 1.02 also introduced a number of changes for agents, including notable buffs for Viper that make her “a lot more potent”, according to lead character designer Ryan “Morello” Scott. However, he also cautioned that more tweaks might come after these initial buffs as Riot is just “easing into balance”.

The update also introduced a surrender option, the nerfing of the tagging mechanic – the slowdown players experienced when hit by enemy bullets – as well as a slew of UI changes, performance tweaks and bug fixes.

Earlier this month, Riot Games announced the Valorant Ignition Series, as part of its efforts to build an esports community for the game. The initiative is in partnership with over 20 esports organisations from around the world, and will help discover talented players and build recognition for the shooter.

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