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Voyboy mysteriously banned on Twitch minutes after stream

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The ban is speculated to be DMCA related

Professional League of Legends streamer Voyboy has been served a Twitch ban after a livestream last night.

The streamer revealed his ban on Twitter, where he also expressed his confusion over the move. The reasons behind the ban are currently unclear, and Twitch has yet to comment on the situation.

Although Voyboy himself (real name Joedat Esfahani) remains in the dark over the ban, speculation around it has already started over on Twitter and Reddit. The internet consensus seems to be that the ban may be related to a DMCA claim, something Twitch has been clamping down on recently more than ever. As someone comparatively free of controversy, the ban comes as a shock to both Voyboy and his fans.

Given that Voyboy even has a playlist on Spotify dedicated to streaming music, it seems likely that one of the songs triggered a ban, despite his decision to stream without musical accompaniment in recent months. DMCA strikes are notorious for sniping old videos, and even occasionally flagging fan-made clips associated with professional accounts.

A few high profile streamers have also recently been baned for similar reasons. Although there is no confirmation as to the accuracy of the DMCA claim, Reddit user Miryc noted: “I was watching at the end of his stream a couple of days ago and he said he got 1 DMCA and had to delete all of his VODs and was looking for a way to save them.”

If this is the case, the rule of “three strikes and you’re out” may have hit his account fairly quickly, but a temporary ban can also be placed on accounts with a single strike. A further tweet in reply to the ban seems to show that Voyboy is still a Twitch Partner, so expect more updates to follow.

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