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‘Warframe: Heart Of Deimos’ open-world expansion to arrive in August

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Warframe’s next major update brings a darker story, mechs and more

Digital Extremes has announced Warframe’s third open-world expansion, titled Heart Of Deimos, which will be arriving sooner than expected.

The expansion was revealed during TennoCon 2020, Warframe’s annual fan convention, and gave fans a glimpse of what they can expect when Heart Of Deimos launches on August 25.

Heart Of Deimos will take the game “into a completely new era” with three worlds to explore, “devastating” pilotable mechs, and powerful combat. A new Helminth Chrysalis system will also allow Tenno to transfer abilities between Warframes.

The upcoming expansion will tell the story of the lost Entrati family that left behind technological marvels and horrors as players face off against new hordes of the Infested who have taken control of the moon Deimos.

Check out the announcement below.

Besides new worlds to explore, Heart Of Deimos will also grant players access to Necromechs. The Necromechs will be available to use in every open-world zone. The Necromech is a lot slower than a Warframe, but loads up on heavy weaponry and armor, creating a balanced experience.

A new Warframe is also being introduced: Xaku. Xaku was created by the gaming community, which chose the theme and Abilities for a “broken, Void-corrupted powerhouse”.

Per Digital Extreme’s official description, Xaku has “the power to infuse their Weapons with Void energy, buffing their damage. Few can resist the pull of the Void, and Xaku wields its energy to trick enemies into fighting for them, or even turning enemy Weapons against them!”

The complete list of additions being made with the expansion can be found via the official Warframe website. Warframe: Heart of Deimos will launch on August 25 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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