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‘Wasteland 3’ and ‘Battletoads’ join the list of new Xbox Game Pass titles

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‘Microsoft Flight Simulator’ and ‘Resident Evil VII’ will also be joining the service

More games are coming to Xbox Game Pass for August and early September, with new releases Wasteland 3 and Battletoads headlining the pack.

Wasteland 3 is a tactical squad-based RPG with deep, challenging turn-based combat to keep players on their toes. Controlling up to teams of six, players can customise their squad, venture out and experience a story full of twists and turns.

For those looking for something lighter, Battletoads is a reboot of the classic 1991 game of the same name, and delivers a vibrant, animated world filled with elaborate levels to navigate. From beat em’ up stages to platforming gauntlets, each level with keep players on their toes with a genre defying adventure.

Many other titles will be joining Xbox Game Pass, including the 2020 instalment of the critically-acclaimed Microsoft Flight Simulator series, first-person survival horror Resident Evil VII and the story driven Tell Me Why. Check out the full list of games, systems and release dates below:

Earlier this month (August), numerous big-named titles joined the roster of games available in Xbox Game Pass. Both Darksiders Genesis and The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan.

Xbox Game Pass has begun rolling out the mobile devices through Microsoft’s streaming service, Project xCloud. The service will roll out officially for Android devices this September, however, an early beta version of the programme is out now with a small selection of games available.

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