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Watch 12 minutes of stunning ‘Demon’s Souls’ remake gameplay

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A surprise State Of Play episode released, dedicated to the game

Sony has dropped 12 minutes of gameplay footage from the upcoming Demon’s Souls remake, giving fans a new look at the game running on the PlayStation 5.

The clip was released during a surprise State Of Play stream from Sony, dedicated to the game Demon’s Souls. The footage focuses on the single-player elements of the game, showcasing the game’s brutal combat encounters as well as the many of its challenges players will face.

As pointed out in the narration by the game’s creative director Gavin Moore, the footage is running in performance mode, at a smooth 60 frames per second with dynamic 4K resolution. On release, Demon’s Souls will also offer a cinematic mode, which locks the frame rate at 30, coupled with native 4K resolution.

Check out the gameplay footage below:

Sony confirmed after its PS5 showcase in September that Demon’s Souls will be a launch title for the PS5. It also detailed that the price for the game and other first-party titles will be increased to US$69.99, a $10 jump from current-gen prices.

New details about the game surfaced earlier this week (November 5), specifically about its character customisation and photo mode. It was revealed that all-new customisation options will be added, alongside a Photo mode will also incorporate its filters into the main game, including one which makes the title reminiscent of its PS3 counterpart.

A YouTube user also recently compiled a comparison video between the PS5 and PS3 original version of Demon’s Souls. While the gameplay and level design remains faithful to the original, it highlighted the massive graphical overhaul the remake has gone through.

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