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Watch: 18 minutes of ‘Ghost Of Tsushima’ gameplay footage

Players can choose between two distinct combat styles

Sony’s recent State Of Play digital event unveiled gameplay footage from the upcoming samurai/ninja epic, Ghost Of Tsushima.

The 18-minute clip showcases a handful of new details surrounding Ghost Of Tsushima, such as exploration, combat, customisation and photo mode, among others. The video is the first showcase of in-game footage since Sucker Punch showed off the game at E3 2018.

Watch the latest episode of Sony’s recent State Of Play below.

Protagonist Jin will make use of two distinct fighting styles throughout the game: Samurai – in which he was traditionally trained – and Ghost, a stealth-based ninja-like combat style that he will gradually adopt in the game.

The traditional samurai combat style is seeming focused on sizing up opponents and remaining observant of enemy attacks in order to counter them. Varying enemy offence styles will keep players on their toes, requiring them to switch between different combat stances to more effectively attack and defend themselves.

On the other hand, the Ghost technique veers towards that of the ninja, operating from the shadows. With this combat style, underhanded techniques and weaponry will be used to take out enemies, ranging from stealth-kills from a variety of angles to special tools, like smoke bombs, firecrackers and throwing knives.

Playing as the Ghost offers more agile movement, with the option of parkour manoeuvres and grappling hooks to get around. As players pick off their enemies from the shadows, those around will start to fear the Ghost’s presence and may even choose not to engage if they see him wandering around.

Another aspect of the game that was showcased during the State Of Play session was how the customisation of Jin will affect his overall capabilities. Multiple sets of armour are available in the game, each of them carrying specific advantages for one of the two combat styles.

While the game doesn’t include waypoints, exploration will remain a vital part of the game. To help point players in the right direction every once in awhile, the game will use Jin’s surroundings to help guide him. This can be executed in a number of ways, including a gush of wind blowing in the direction you want to go, or a bird flying above Jin heading in a particular direction.

The State of Play presentation also confirmed that Ghost of Tsushima will have a photo mode, which has customisable options, including colour grading and depth of field. Players will also have the ability to manipulate elements in the world, such as wind direction, lighting and particle effects.

Ghost Of Tsushima will be released exclusively for the PlayStation 4 on July 17. Pre-orders are now available through the PlayStation store.

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