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Watch a trippy new Xbox Series X trailer featuring Daniel Kaluuya

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Master Chief also makes an appearance

Microsoft has released a new launch trailer for the upcoming Xbox Series X and S consoles, featuring Black Panther and Get Out actor Daniel Kaluuya.

The trippy launch trailer follows Kaluuya as he boots up the next-gen Xbox system, only to get pulled into another dimension. As he floats through time and space, Kaluuya is transported to the world of Valhalla, from the upcoming Assassin’s Creed game, and later has a run in with Halo’s Master Chief.

The trailer ends with a new look at the Xbox Series S and X, along with the the next-gen consoles’ tagline, “Power Your Dreams”, which Microsoft trademarked earlier this year according to WCCFTech.

Check out the trailer below.

Besides a number of graphical and technical next-gen improvements, the Xbox Series X and S will also feature unique functionality that will allow users to manage the systems’ storage space.

According to Jason Ronald, the director of programme management on the Xbox team, the next-gen consoles will allow players to “selectively uninstall different components” of games, thus freeing up storage space.

The Xbox Series X will also reportedly runs backwards compatible titles at a higher standard than on current-gen systems, improving its frame rate and more. Games will also enjoy faster loading times on the next-gen consoles as compared to the current-gen.

Xbox Series X and S are scheduled to launch on November 10 globally. The Series X will be priced at US$499, while the smaller and less powerful Series S will be priced at US$299.

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