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Watch the adventurous new PlayStation 5 global advertisement

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Sony is expected to reveal the PS5’s launch plans later this week

As the PlayStation 5 release draws closer, Sony has begun ramping up its marketing campaign with the release of a brand new advertisement.

Packed full of PlayStation secrets such as hidden iconic symbols the consoles are known for, the advert comes ahead of the PS5 showcase later this week (September 16).

You can see the full advert below:

In a PlayStation Blog post, senior vice president of PlayStation, Eric Lempel, described the ideas behind the new advert. “‘The Edge’ showcases our ambition to challenge the ordinary and continue to push the boundaries of play,” Lempel revealed.

“We want to raise the bar for our fans and for ourselves as we move into a new generation. The core of our brand is defined by those thrilling moments when our hearts race and we leap into undiscovered adventure. That’s what this new ad is all about.”

Lempel also spoke about the upcoming PS5 launch and described it as “delivering a new generation of innovation in gameplay, storytelling, and immersion,” before adding that “the future of gaming looks incredibly promising, and we (PlayStation) want to make a few more promises in turn”.

While fans will have to wait a little longer for the PS5’s launch details, Microsoft has already outlined its plans for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S launch. Both are expected to release on November 10, with pre-orders available from September 22.

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