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Watch the explosive launch trailer for ‘Apex Legends’ Season 8

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King’s Landing will never be the same

Respawn Entertainment has released the launch trailer for Season 8 of Apex Legends.

The new season, which is titled Mayhem, is expected to arrive for the battle royale on February 8. It’s also said that the date is reportedly set to be the same time the Nintendo Switch version of the game will launch.

Apex Legends’ launch trailer for Season 8 delivers a new look at the game’s 16th playable hero, Fuse, whose loud and outlandish personality is a signature takeaway from the trailer. Fuse’s big entrance does not go according to plan, as the area is attacked, leaving a new look at the game’s signature map, King’s Landing.

The trailer shows that players will be in for a new design of the iconic map, as King’s Landing will be receiving a makeover in time for the new season.

See the full trailer below:

Fuse was announced earlier this week (January 19) and saw the announcement of a new weapon known as the 30-30 Repeater rifle, which is said to be “Salvo’s most popular weapon”, which “picks apart the opposition with hard-hitting rounds”.

He will join a list of popular characters in the Apex Legends’ universe, to which a full rundown of the game’s most popular characters was previously revealed, placing the fan favourite Wraith at the top.

Respawn Entertainment may also be working on a new game alongside continually supporting Apex Legends, as a now removed job listing suggested it was working on a new IP.

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