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Watch the explosive story trailer for ‘Destiny 2: Beyond Light’

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Meet the new villain and world the expansion introduces

Bungie has dropped a story trailer for Destiny 2: Beyond Light, focusing on the expansion’s new villain, world and Stasis powers.

With Destiny 2: Beyond Light arriving next month on November 10, the new story trailer delves further into the antagonist known as Eramis, the fallen leader of an army embedded with the game’s new elemental damage type, Stasis.

Eramis’ power is revealed in explosive set-pieces throughout the trailer, as well as showcasing the game’s new world, Europa. Set on Jupiter’s frozen moon, numerous key players in the Destiny 2 universe are shown to have been drawn to the icy world by a mysterious signal, which as the trailer unfolds, is revealed to be the deadly Eramis.

Check out the action-packed story trailer below:

Destiny 2: Beyond Light sets off Bungie’s plans for the future of the game. Back in June, the company outlined a three-year roadmap which will introduce new expansions and returning content. The plan is to build upon the foundations of Destiny 2, rather than start from scratch on a new numbered entry.

One of the new major introductions to Destiny 2: Beyond Light is a new Titan subclass known as Behemoths. Two powerful new moves will be available for players who utilise the class and make full use of the expansion’s new Stasis ability.

The developer also recently dived into multiple new Exotic weapons coming with the new content, as well as six new Exotic armour sets, all of which can be used across the game’s three main classes.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light launches on November 10 and a next-gen upgrade for both the PS5 and Xbox Series consoles is due to arrive later on December 8.

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