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Watch the first ‘CS:GO’ cinematic in eight years

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Operation Broken Fang is live now

Valve has released the Operation Broken Fang update for its ever-popular tactical shooter, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

The content update is the tenth CS:GO operation, and arrived alongside a 16-second CGI animated video, set in the new competitive map called Ancient. It’s the first cinematic released for the game in eight years.

Watch it below.

Ancient is an original map that has been made especially for the Bomb Defusal (also known as Bomb Scenario) game mode. The developer previewed the new location on Twitter with teaser images, showcasing the jungle environment. There are also five new community maps that are available across several game modes.

Check out a preview of Ancient below.

The Operation Broken Fang update introduces new features such as a customisable chat wheel. There’s also a brand-new mode called Retakes where players will be able to pick their weapons from three different loadout cards at the start of each round.

Players who purchase the Operation Pass will also get access to a new detailed stat-tracking page, which breaks down everything from heatmaps of where your shots land to your performance on various maps. Players with the pass can also earn ‘operation stars’ and exchange them for skins, agents, sprays and more at the Operation shop.

Operation Broken Fang arrived alongside a patch that updated the ping system, adds new game modes, updates graphics and more. Check out the full patch notes here, and read more about Operation Broken Fang here.

Earlier this month, former CS:GO professional player Shroud said that he “hopes” CD Projekt Red’s upcoming RPG Cyberpunk 2077 will die “in a month”. He later clarified that his comments were in reference to the game’s length, as he does not want to spend too much time in a single-player game.

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