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Watch the first ‘Godfall’ gameplay walkthrough for PS5

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The nine-minute clip showcases the game’s looting and slashing systems

Counterplay Games capped off Sony’s latest State Of Play presentation with a nine-minute gameplay walkthrough of Godfall for the PS5, and showcased a ton of elements from the upcoming looter-slasher.

During the walkthrough, Godfall game director Keith Lee took players on a tour of the game’s five different weapon classes, the player character’s special abilities, and a boss battle.

Godfall will feature five weapon types: Longswords, Dual Blades, Polearms, two-handed Warhammers and two-handed Greatswords. Each type of weapon represents a class that has its own unique set of skills and abilities that cater to a certain playstyle. Lee’s walkthrough focuses on the Dual Blades and Longswords. A complete breakdown of the five weapon types can be found on the official PlayStation Blog.

Lee also reiterated that the game will not feature microtransactions and that it will feature co-op with up to two other players. The game is both gear-driven and skill-based, and has an armour upgrade system that revolves around what are called Valor Plates.

A mid-game boss the Phalanxer, a weightier knight with ornate armor and ruthless aggression, was also previewed in the walkthrough. “Miss your timing and you’ll meet the business end of his mace, but use your wit to control the arena and you just might win the day,” Lee said.

Each player’s Valorian knight will come equipped with a shield as well. While using the shield to block enemy attacks, parry blows and reflect projectiles will be a big part of the game. “The game rewards you for playing aggressively, and that is reflected in the shield mechanics as well,” Lee added.

Lee also announced that more information will be released leading up to the game’s release, including a look at the remaining weapon classes, loots, and the game’s progression system.

Godfall is currently scheduled for a Holiday 2020 release on PS5 and PC.

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