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Watch the full walkthrough of the Xbox Series consoles

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New features such as the console’s quick resume feature are shown in action

Microsoft has released a 15-minute video which details the Xbox Series consoles boot up, unique features and new controller functions.

The in-depth video, which the company called a walkthough, gives players a complete rundown of what they can expect when the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are released. The clip takes fans through new unique features such as quick resume, auto-HDR and the controller’s new share button.

Launching the console takes seconds and players are greeted with a new dynamic backdrop, which is exclusive for the Xbox Series consoles. Meanwhile, the consoles’ quick resume feature allow players to jump back into games within a few seconds. The feature was demonstrated as the console was shown to jump from Gears 5 to Dirt 5, before finally moving on to Subnautica.

The latter game was also shown utilising the recently announced auto-HDR function, which injects artificial HDR into backwards compatible titles that originally did not support the feature. Subnautica was seen with more defining colours and crisper visuals, utilising the full power of the Xbox Series consoles.

New features coming to the Xbox Series consoles controller were also showcased. The main new inclusion is the share button, which grants the ability to quickly save media without pausing the game. As shown in the video, a simple press will take a screenshot, whilst holding down the button will save a short clip of gameplay.

Check out the full walkthrough below:

Other aspects of the next-gen systems were also disclosed, including brand new advanced networking hardware, which is designed to take full advantage of players’ WiFi for maximum download speeds.

The integration with the Xbox application on mobile devices was also briefly discussed and how it will allow players to use many of the same features available on the console. Remote play was also detailed, allowing gamers to stream their favourite games to their mobile device and resume playing.

The company also recently revealed its full list of launch titles coming to both systems on November 12, including games that are set to receive next-gen enhancement patches on launch day.

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