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Watch the official trailer for Killjoy, the latest ‘Valorant’ agent

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Riot Games has also detailed her abilities

Riot Games has officially unveiled its upcoming Valorant agent, Killjoy.

Killjoy, who is the game’s first German agent, was introduced with an action-packed trailer that shows off all her previously leaked abilities. It includes never-before-seen footage of her Turret and Nanoswarm skills in action, as well as a first look at the character model.

Watch the trailer below.

In an interview with German outlet GameStar, as translated by Reddit user Cry0x, Riot also detailed all of Killjoy’s skills, including their damage and cost.

The Alarmbot skill will cost 200 credits but is said to “not deal much damage”, although no specific number was revealed. Players can also pick up Alarmbot after placing it, but it is currently unknown if this is only during the buy phase or during the actual round.

Turret, which is Killjoy’s signature ability, starts shooting 0.75 seconds after noticing an enemy. It does eight damage per bullet, with damage falling off the further an enemy is from the skill. Turret has 125 health points and can be destroyed.

On the other hand, limited information about Nanoswam was revealed during the interview. However, Riot did note that the skill is invisible once placed. It also requires manual activation like Cypher’s Cage ability and “does a lot of damage”.

Lastly, Killjoy’s ultimate, called Lockdown, will cost seven ult points. The device takes 13 seconds to detonate once planted, has 150 health points and can be destroyed by enemies. However, the skill will render opponents caught in its blast unable to shoot or use abilities. Riot explained that “it’s unlikely that you get hit by the detonation [and] in most situations it’s easy to avoid it or shoot it”.

Riot Games has yet to announce when Killjoy will join Valorant, although it’s rumoured that she will be added when Episode 1 Act 2 launches on August 4. During the upcoming Act, the developer is also expected to introduce a new rank system.

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