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Watch the trailer for the latest ‘Valorant’ agent, Skye

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She’s set to join the game in Patch 1.11

Riot Games has officially revealed the 13th Valorant agent, Skye.

The developer unveiled the new agent in a reveal trailer, which showcases all of Skye’s abilities in action, alongside an animated short of her in conversation with the agent Sage. Skye, who hails from Australia, is an Initiator agent, much like Breach and Sova, and features a skillset that ranges from flashes to heals.

As previously reported, Skye is set to join Valorant in Patch 1.11, which is scheduled for release on October 27. She was initially supposed to be introduced alongside the launch of Act 3 on October 13, but was delayed to make way for the game’s new map, Icebox.

Watch the trailer below.

Although Riot Games has yet to officially release information about her abilities, the details have since leaked online, per Esportz Network. Skye equips her abilities via jade trinkets, which create powerful woodland creatures that she can control.

Her skill set includes Guiding Light, a hawk trinket that acts as a flashbang; Trailblazer, a tiger trinket that lasts around eight seconds, and stuns and damages an opponent upon impact; and Regrowth, a plant trinket that channels an area of effect that heals allies. In addition, her ultimate, called Seekers, sends out three spheres that hunt down enemies, much like the Twin Hunters orb from Spike Rush mode.

Riot Games previously revealed that it would be reworking the competitive mode for Valorant. The developer is set to implement changes to rank variation, rank movement for those in Immortal tier and above, alongside the ability to choose a preferred server.

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