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Candy crush saga clone is a living proof that implementing simple ideas with a little creativity can be a huge success. The game was released in 2012, five years after receiving 2.7 billion downloads. The concept of Candy Crush is quite simple. All you need to do is gather 3 candies in various colors in a row or column and the game still gives you more surprises. The game play is addictive and difficult to master once you are in the water.

Why Cland Of Clandy?

Leaning the game is easy, but keeps in mind that not all ideas are spontaneous or have unique characteristics. They always follow precedents. With your own perspective and a little innovation, you can redefine this precedent.

Candy crush saga clone has been a huge success with most game developers around the world is trying to clone it in various ways. However, there are some secret tricks that are important for successful game application cloning. As game developers, we have all the knowledge and skills to make viral applications. After your application is made, AIS Technolabs Private Limited is also offer advertising and marketing services to give you the best start on the market.

What Do You Get In Clone?

Edition Level

Candy crush saga clone is not a simple and concise game. It has more than 2k levels and it is this level that makes games interesting. With our Clone Services, we can help you to change this level, and duration.

History of Cloud Progress Players

Continue Reading With a game that has the potential to get 6 billion downloads, you are looking for a large amount of data to track the payer’s progress, and fortunately Cloud Storage solves the problem. Our developers fully integrate cloud storage into all game data.

Advertising Controller

Merchandising is a crucial source of cash flow for every business. However, too many of them are uncomfortable for end users. We give you an ad controller that allows you to monitor and control the ads in your application.

Facebook Integration

Social networking is the way of doing something viral later, and there’s no doubt that your Candy Crush clone needs Facebook integration to make a sound. However, our smooth and efficient integration with Facebook serves this purpose for you. find more information about candy crush clone app.

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