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World of ‘Genshin Impact’ created in huge 1000 hour model

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A labour of love

The world of Genshin Impact has been created by a fan in physical form, using 3D printed pieces designed, cut, and painted by hand.

After days of preparation, including printing and painting the pieces individually, the model of Liyue Harbour from Genshin Impact was completed. It took over 1000 hours to assemble the huge scene, which includes running water.

The larger structures, including the defensive walls and main buildings are all included – but the scene is also littered with tiny details like crates and barrels.

The video includes sweeping scenes of the finished product and the full details of the build, complete with dynamic lighting and a time lapse.

Elements of the video also show the intricacies of construction, with thousands of pieces requiring computer modelling, 3D printing, sculpting with knives, and painting.

The artists appear to have used stills of Genshin Impact, displayed above their work stations, to craft the to-scale masterpiece. The video shows how the usual action figures were far too big for the tiny scale, meaning they had to craft each character to fit.

Recently, a few fan builds have come to light, including a Pokemon Diamond and Pearl fan who created levels from the RPG game inside Minecraft as part of a still ongoing project. Reddit user bubsy200 showed off their neat streets and signs, along with detailed Pokemarts and Pokemon Centres.

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