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‘WWE 2K Battlegrounds’ game modes explained

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Paul Heyman breaks down the game’s campaign and multiplayer matches

2K Games has unveiled all of the game modes available in next month’s WWE 2K Battlegrounds, with detailed explanations coming from WWE personality Paul Heyman.

In a new trailer, the self-professed greatest WWE advocate of all-time explains some ways gamers will be able to square off in WWE’s upcoming arcade brawler and “brawl without limits”.

Check out the trailer below.

WWE 2K Battlegrounds’ 11 different modes are listed below.

The campaign will see gamers team up with Heyman and legendary wrestler “Stone Cold” Steve Austin as they travel the world searching for Superstars for a new WWE brand. Gamers play as one of the seven new characters, battling WWE Superstars to unlock items, characters and power-ups.

The exhibition mode will allow players to battle it out online or locally with up to four other players. This mode will let players duke it out in one-on-one, tag team and steel cage matches, among others.

The Battleground Challenge Mode gives players the chance to create their own WWE Superstar and battle through the ranks. Players will be able to customize their characters in numerous ways, including their physical appearance, their vanity items, as well as the type of fighter they’ll be, such as brawler, high-flyer or technician.

WWE 2K Battlegrounds is scheduled for September 18 release on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Google Stadia.

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