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Xbox cloud gaming to roll out for PC and iOS, more surprises to come

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The Game Awards is said to host numerous reveals

Microsoft have announced its cloud gaming service will be rolling out to PC and iOS next year, as well as detailing more surprises to come.

The company shared an Xbox Wire post celebrating the engagement the new consoles have had since their launch last month (November), as well as reporting record breaking Game Pass numbers for the month. Looking forward, the company is aiming to bring the experience to more gamers, resulting in the announcement of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate bringing cloud gaming to PC and iOS Spring 2021.

The latter is being done through the iOS web browser, bypassing Apple’s terms that require every title to pass through its own certification system. Speaking to The Verge last month, Xbox head Phil Spencer stated: “If the device is capable of running a capable web browser, we’re going to be able to bring games to it.”

Cloud gaming via Xbox is currently available on Android devices and launched earlier this year. Numerous games such as Minecraft Dungeons have also incorporated touch controls, to make the gameplay more seamless.

Microsoft also outlined some of the other aspects owners can expect in 2021, including yet to be announced surprises, as well as “30 pieces of new content coming to several of [its] franchises next half, including Forza, Sea of Thieves, Grounded and much more.”

To cap it all of, the post teased more announcements with the last line reading: “Stay tuned, starting with The Game Awards tomorrow [December 10], for more surprises.”

However, Xbox’s marketing manager Aaron Greenberg has told fans to “dial expectations way down” versus the speculation he is seeing on social media.

Xbox’s upcoming flagship title Halo Infinite also received a substantial update yesterday (December 8), including a release window and a first look at its graphical improvements.

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